Bi-weekly contact lenses

Biweekly disposable contact lenses are intended to be worn daily and replaced every 14 days. They are a suitable option for people who may experience discomfort in the last weeks of wearing monthly contact lenses. Some biweekly lenses are approved by the manufacturer for extended wear. This means, with your optician’s recommendation, you can wear them for up to seven days and six nights without removing. Wearing biweekly contact lenses longer than your optician’s guidelines is not recommended. If biweekly lenses are worn like this, they must then be discarded at the end of seven days’ extended wear. Read more about biweekly lenses.

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The Best Biweekly Contacts Online

Biweekly contacts are available for wearers with and without astigmatism. Our popular TopVue Premium lenses are made from an advanced silicone hydrogel material and are fortified with a special moisturising component called sodium hyaluronate. Acuvue Oasys, produced by Johnson & Johnson, are made from a silicone-hydrogel material. Johnson & Johnson was the first producer to offer contact lenses from this highly breathable and comfortable material. Both Acuvue Oasys and TopVue Premium are available in toric lenses for users with astigmatism.

Benefits of Biweekly Lenses

Biweekly contacts offer several distinct benefits. One difference between biweekly and daily contact lenses is that biweeklies can be cheaper and more cost-effective than daily lenses. They can also be more hygienic than monthly contact lenses, while also being easier to handle than thinner daily contact lenses. You can also shop from our selection of money-saving packages of biweekly lenses with contact lens solutions.