Biotrue Solution 300 ml

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Biotrue Contact Lense Solution

Biotrue Solution is designed for disinfecting, cleaning and storage of all soft contact lenses. The pH factor of Biotrue Solution is designed to be similar to human tears. Biotrue Solution inhibits denaturation of certain proteins in tears and thus helps you keep your lenses clean and microbe-free.

Properties - Biotrue Solution 300 ml

Manufacturer: Bausch and Lomb
Solution type: Universal
Volume: 300 ml
Expiration: 12 months and more
Usability after opening: 3 months
Preservatives: Yes
Medical Device: Yes

Smart alternative

Gelone Solution 360 ml

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  • Contains sodium hyaluronate
  • Also ideal for sensitive eyes
  • Lens case included
Price only: 6.00 €


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