Boston Simplus Multi Action Solution 120 ml

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Important: This solution is only for use with RGP (rigid gas permeable) contact lenses.

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Free delivery for this product
12.50 € 10.00 €

Boston Simplus Multi Action Solution


Comprehensive Care

Renowned manufacturer Bausch and Lomb has developed Boston Simplus, a multi-purpose solution to care exclusively for rigid gas-permeable contact lenses (RGP). With Boston Simplus solution, lenses will be completely cleaned, disinfected, and moisturized. The solution also removes proteins and sufficiently rinses lenses.

Hygiene and Care

Boston Simplus solution contains moisturizing ingredients that help increase comfort while wearing RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses. However, in order to preserve your health and comfort, always follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer and your eye-care professional.

  • Always wash your hands with a mild soap before starting the cleaning process.
  • Place your hard lenses in a clean case and cover them with Boston Simplus solution
  • Allow the lenses to soak in solution for at least 4 hours
  • Before removing the lenses from the case, wash your hands thoroughly again
  • After cleaning, remove the lens from the case, place it in your palm with a few drops of solution, and rub it gently with your finger
  • Finally, rinse the lens once more with Boston Simplus

Please note this solution must be consumed within three months of first opening and use. Each package of Boston Simplus solution also contains a lens case.

For more information about the different types of contact lenses and how to get started with your optician, visit our guide to starting with contact lenses.

Manufacturer: Bausch and Lomb
Volume: 120 ml
Usability after opening: 3 months
Preservatives: Yes


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