Gelone Eye Drops 10 ml


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Gelone Eye Drops 10 ml  - Eye drops
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Gelone – Lubricating and Rewetting Eye Drops

Gelone Eye Drops 10 ml provide immediate relief and long-lasting comfort. Gelone Eye Drops replace natural tears and provide your eye an artificial protective film that protects your eyes from such harmful factors as smog, heat, wind, air-conditioning or computer work. The drops can be used for 30 days of first opening.

Protective tear film

Gelone Eye Drops create artificial protective tear film which prevents drying of the eye and helps wash away dust particles. They do not contain preservatives and are therefore very gentle to your eyes. They can be used without medical prescription.

Effective in fighting with dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is the most frequent complicaton that contact lens wearers complain of. It has different causes, but it is most probably due to lack of natural tears. Gelone Eye Drops provide fast and effective help.


Manufacturer: Stericon Pharma
Usability after opening: 1 month
Volume: 10 ml
Expiration: 12 months and more

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Gelone Eye Drops 10 ml

Gelone Eye Drops 10 ml

Gelone Eye Drops 10 ml

2.00 EUR

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