Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about contact lenses

1. At what age can I start wearing contact lenses?
Contact lens wear is not limited by age. Contact lenses are worn by children as well as people of advanced age. You just need to learn how to insert and remove them. Good hygiene and proper care of contact lenses are equally important.
2. Is there any difference between the right and the left contact lens?
There is no difference between the right and the left lens. You can buy one box of contact lenses and use them for both eyes as long they have the same prescription parameters.
3. I already know the grade (strength) of my glasses, can I use the same grade for my contact lenses?
Glasses grade will not be the same as contact lens grade in most cases – especially with high grades. Contact lenses are closer to the eye than glasses, which leads to a grade change. There is another equally important parameter you need for wearing contact lenses – the curve of the cornea. The curve of the lens has to be the same as the curve of your cornea. An eye care professional (optometrist or contact lens specialist) will determine your curve parameter and the grade that is best for you.
4. Can coloured contact lenses affect your colour vision?
The human eye can see the world through the black pupil in the centre of the colourful iris. Coloured contact lenses are clear in the centre therefore they only modify the colour of the iris. Your vision thus remains unchanged. However, it is possible that your vision will be slightly affected in low-light conditions when your pupil dilates. The clear part of the coloured lenses is preset by the manufacturer in such a way that it fits the vast majority of users.
5. Can contact lenses fall out of your eyes?
If you have made the right choice (base curve) and insert/remove the contact lenses correctly, they should stay in place. In rare cases when the lens slides from its position, it will stay on your eye until you shift it back in place.
6. How to take care of contact lenses?
Contact lens care is very easy and does not involve much effort. The care of today’s soft reusable contact lenses requires just one type of solution for cleaning, rinsing and storage.

Before storing the lens in the solution, it is recommended to rub the lens gently with your fingertip. It will help to remove the deposits. Daily disposable contact lenses (all types) do not require any cleaning. You simply throw them away at the end of the day.
7. How many days does one box of contact lenses last?
The number of lenses in the package does not indicate a number of pairs. If you have the same prescription for both eyes the boxes last as follows: one box of 30 daily disposable contact lenses will last 15 days one box of 6 monthly contact lenses will last 3 months
8. Allergy and contact lenses: is it a problem?
Seasonal allergy will not prevent you from wearing contact lenses provided that you take proper care of them. Reduce the wearing time. Consult a contact lens specialist about the best cleaning solution type for the period when your allergy is severe. In the period when your allergy is severe, try to use daily disposable contact lenses. Various studies have confirmed that you can manage your allergy symptoms better with daily disposable contacts.
9. Can I swim wearing my contact lenses?
Swimming in contact lenses (in the sea, rivers, lakes or swimming pools) poses a real risk to the health of your eyes. Contact lenses should not even be exposed to tap water. If you open your eyes under water, remove the lenses within 10–15 minutes and do not use them again. Sea water can cause the lenses to stick to the cornea.
10. Is it safe to buy contact lenses through the Internet?
Just like in other areas, you can encounter an unreliable company in the contact lens business too. You can either receive products that are not intended for the market in your country, products that are about to expire or the delivery may take much longer than claimed. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a stable and well-known Internet seller when buying contact lenses. It will suffice just to have a look around the seller’s website and you will find out easily whether the seller is reliable or not.
11. Should I apply eye drops before or after inserting the contact lenses?
Eye drops use is not in any way dependent on contact lens use. You can use eye drops even when you do not wear contact lenses. The reason being that eye drops are in fact “artificial tears” which lubricate and protect your eyes.
It is recommended for contact lens wearers to apply highly viscous eye drops before inserting the contact lenses. It will enable the eye drops to spread throughout the eye. With non-viscous eye drops, the application is possible after insertion of contact lenses as well.