Laim-Care Peroxide solution 360 ml

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Caution! This solution is peroxide. Please follow the instructions for using it!
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Laim-Care Peroxide - contact lens cleaning solution

This solution uses hydrogen peroxide to thoroughly clean and disinfect contact lenses. Peroxide is generally considered to be the most effective cleaning agent for lenses. The peroxide cleaning process always requires a neutralisation phase, using a catalytic disk, during which peroxide is stabilized and turned into a safe saline solution. Peroxide that has not been neutralised could potentially harm the eyes. It’s extremely important to carefully follow instructions when using this type of solution, which makes this product more suitable for experienced contact lens wearers.


Never apply peroxide solution directly into the eyes, as it can cause serious injury.

Never use a flat contact lens case with peroxide solution. Use only the special case that contains a neutralising disc that is included with the solution.

Never remove the lenses from the special case before completion of the neutralisation process (at least 6 hours).

Never overfill the case with solution. Leaked and non-neutralised solution can inadvertently come into contact with lenses or your fingers, causing injury.

This is not a multipurpose solution. It is essential to wait for complete neutralisation (minimum 6 hours) during each contact lens cleaning with peroxide solution to prevent eye damage due to burns. Use following the advice of your optician.

Laim-Care Peroxide contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, which must be neutralised using the platinum catalytic disc inside the special container, included with this product. Make sure to only use the special container included in the package as this catalytic disk is necessary for proper peroxide neutralisation.

How to use Laim-Care Peroxide solution correctly?

Attached to the lid of the included lens container, you’ll notice a two-sided basket, marked with R and L -- for your right and left lens respectively. Fill the base of the container with Laim-Care Peroxide up to the line. Place your lenses into the lid baskets. Next, close the lid, which will submerge your lenses and start the neutralisation process. You’ll see bubbles appear in the container, which indicates that a proper neutralisation reaction is happening. Now, simply leave the container in an upright position and let disinfection take place.
The lenses must be left to soak for at least 6 hours (preferably overnight). Pay attention to not agitate the container in any way. The solution in the container will become clear and safe (bubbling will have stopped) when neutralisation is complete. Your lenses will then be fully cleaned and ready to wear.

In case the lenses are stored in the case for more than 7 days, it’s recommended to discard the used solution from the case and restart the cleaning process with some fresh solution.

Laim-Care Peroxide is also available in following packages:
2x 360 ml
3x 360 ml
4x 360 ml
This solution can only be used within 2 months after opening.

Important note

Peroxide cleaning solutions are not suitable for coloured or crazy contact lenses as they would damage the lens colours. Peroxide should only be used to clean clear contact lenses.

Properties - Laim-Care Peroxide solution 360 ml

Manufacturer: Esoform
Solution type: Peroxide
Volume: 360 ml
Expiration: 12 months and more
Usability after opening: 2 months
Medical Device: Yes
Preservatives: Yes


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