Lens Case Twist Top - Blue

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A twist top barrel lens case for better cleaning and more comfortable handling

After placing lenses into the twist top barrel lens case, turn the cap left and right several times. Turning the cap spins the baskets inside the case, which ensures better cleaning results. After disinfecting, refill the case with fresh solution and rinse the lenses by spinning the baskets.

Using barrel lens cases, moreover, does not require you to use tongs, tweezers or fingers for taking the lenses out of the solution, which ensures ease of handling and a lower risk of damage.

This case is not suitable for cleaning with hydrogen peroxide solutions.

Spinning the baskets in solution does not replace rubbing lenses between fingers before application and after removal.

The case should be replaced every three months to ensure a good lens hygiene care routine.

Properties - Lens Case Twist Top - Blue

Accessories color: Blue, White

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