OPTI-FREE Express Solution 2 x 355 ml

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Opti-Free Express contact lens solution is a highly-efficient, universal solution. It helps your lenses retain moisture for up to 24 hours. Opti-Free Express is suitable for disinfecting and cleaning, and this package contains two 355ml bottles.

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Opti-Free Express Contact Lens Solution

OPTI-FREE Express "NO RUB" with a contact lens case is a modern highly efficient universal solution produced by the ALCON company. One of it's active ingredients, Poloxamine, gives exceptional moisture to the surface of your contacts for enhanced comfort. It helps retain moisture for up to 24 hours. OPTI-FREE Express is suitable for disinfecting, cleaning, rinsing, moisturizing and storing all types of contact lenses. Pack contains 2 x 355 ml bottles of solution and two contact lens cases.

We also sell this contact lens solution in a pack of 120 ml, 355 ml, 3 x 355 ml.

No need to RUB lenses while cleaning

"NO RUB" means that your contacts do not need rubbing between thumb and index finger after removal. However, experience indicates that rubbing improves the efficiency of the solution and its effect on contact lenses. As a result, although OPTI-FREE Express Solution is labelled as "no rub“, we recommend rubbing your lenses between fingers for better removal of protein deposits before putting them in a case.

OPTI-FREE Express Contact Lens Solution can be used within 6 months of first opening the bottle. OPTI-FREE Express provides efficient protection against bacteria and yeast cells.

Properties - OPTI-FREE Express Solution 2 x 355 ml

Manufacturer: Alcon
Solution type: Universal
Volume: 2x355 ml
Expiration: 12 months and more
Usability after opening: 6 months
Preservatives: Yes
Medical Device: Yes

Smart alternative

Gelone Solution 2 x 360 ml

In stock
  • Contains sodium hyaluronate
  • Also ideal for sensitive eyes
  • 2x lens cases included
Price only: 11.50 €


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