OPTI-FREE Express Solution 3 x 355 ml

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Our special economy pack contains three 355ml bottles of Opti-Free Express Solution. It's suitable for disinfecting and storing all types of soft contact lenses and helps them retain moisture for up to 24 hours.

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23.00 €

Opti-Free Express Contact Lens Solution

OPTI-FREE Express is a highly efficient, universal contact lens solution produced by ALCON. One of its active ingredients, known as poloxamine, provides excellent moisture and enhanced comfort for up to 24 hours. OPTI-FREE Express is suitable for cleaning, rinsing and storing all types of contact lenses. This package contains 3×355 ml bottles of solution and three contact lens cases included.

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Manufacturer: Alcon
Solution type: Universal
Volume: 3x355 ml
Expiration: 16 months and more
Usability after opening: 6 months


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