Laim Care Cleaning Set for Eyeglasses

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Laim Care Cleaning and Maintenance Set for Glasses

This Laim Care cleaning set for glasses contains 30ml cleaning spray, a cleaning cloth for glasses and a travel-sized screwdriver for tightening screws. The entire set has been conveniently packed in a lockable and transparent bag.

Laim Care 30ml cleaning spray can be used for any type of lens (glass or plastic) or any type of similar surface (even monitors, screens or mirrors). The spray is environmentally friendly and does not contain any alcohol.

The cleaning cloth is made from ultra-fine microfibers, thus leaving no smudges or stains behind on your glasses.

Lastly, a practical little screwdriver was included in order to loosen or tighten a pair of glasses’ small screws, if need be.

Properties - Laim Care Cleaning Set for Eyeglasses

Volume: 30 ml


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