TopVue Air Multifocal (3 lenses)

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Multifocal contact lenses TopVue Air Multifocal

TopVue Air Multifocal contact lenses are designed for people with presbyopia and are made from an innovative, third generation silicone-hydrogel material. TopVue Air Multifocal are characterized by high oxygen permeability while also maintaining a high water content. The construction and design of TopVue Air Multifocal feature several optical zones that guarantee quality vision correction at all distances and also exceptional comfort.

You can also buy our larger pack of monthly multifocal lenses, TopVue Air Multifocal, and save money.

Comfortable and effective presbyopia treatment

Presbyopia is an eye disorder associated with aging. Impaired vision begins to occur around the age of 40 and is a natural process of aging. Due to the loss of elasticity of the eye lens, the eye is not able to adequately focus at near and far distances. TopVue Air Multifocal lenses represent a convenient and effective treatment of these problems.

A clear view at all distances

TopVue Air Multifocal contact lenses feature multiple optical zones. This principle of alternating individual optical zones in concentric circles uses the natural physiological properties of the eye - the pupil withdraws when focusing on close objects and widens when looking into the distance. Correcting the optical zone for near vision is concentrated in the center of the lens, while towards the edges are zones for correcting vision at longer distances.

Which addition (AD) should you choose?

TopVue Air Multifocal contact lenses feature four additional values. In the event that your measured value is between two of these four, select the value that is lower. If necessary, in the case of a dominant eye, the dominant eye should be with a higher value and non-dominant with lower.

Comfortable from the first moment

TopVue Air Multifocal contact lenses are supplied in a blister pack that includes an enriched wetting agent, sodium hyaluronate, which is completely compatible with the physiological environment of the human eye. Because of this substance, TopVue Air Multifocal are pleasant and comfortable from the moment of first use.

Highly breathable and sufficiently hydrated

highly breathable and sufficient hydration

Their technologically advanced silicone-hydrogel material provides TopVue Air Multifocal extremely high oxygen permeability. The transport of atmospheric oxygen to the cornea occurs through microscopic channels. The ability to transfer oxygen (transmissibility) is 100 Dk / t.

Water content is a very important factor in the healthy use of contact lenses. TopVue Air Multifocal feature a 45% water content. With their high volume of water, they retain a high degree of hydration throughout the day. The amount of water contained in TopVue Air Multifocal also reduces the accumulation of deposits on the lens surface.

Properties - TopVue Air Multifocal (3 lenses)

Manufacturer: TopVue
BC: 8.60
DIA: 14.20
Pack size: 3 lenses
Add power: +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50
Oxygen permeability: 100 Dk/t
Expiration: 24 months and more
Replacement schedule: 30 Days
Water content: 45%
Power range: from -12.00 to +6.00
Lenses Material: Innofilcon A
Extended or overnight wear: No
UV filter: No
Lenses Product name: TopVue Air Multifocal
Contains Sodium hyaluronate: Yes
Medical Device: Yes


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